10.03.53 is a young independent brand, composed of a diverse, creative and thoughtful team whose small gestures translate to big ideas and innovative changes.“Les Ateliers de Paris,” the artist incubator of the city of Paris, forms the backbone, guidance, and support of our project.

We take our inspiration from the nostalgic model of a past when development, production, choice of material and quality of the product were valued as much as the aesthetic result.We continue to highlight temporality, tradition, sharing, reflection and differences in the pursuit of a quality product and experience.

All that we say and do is driven by our relentless passion. In order to create conscious value, 10.03.53 practices upcycling. We are proud to support slow and green fashion by buying only the leftovers of luxury leather while shunning the new polluting processes. We reduce the use of metal pieces on our models. We practice small series production , eliminating waste and the need for seasonal sales. We honour the work of the artisans working on our collections.Craftsmanship, research and development are at the core of our design process. We personally develop the prototypes in our workshop in the heart of Paris. Each bag is meant to reflect an organic look while adapting to the human body perfectly. We are excited to innovate, using unusual materials such as concrete and paper.

Our collections are made with love and care in two of the most experienced workshops in Tunisia and Italy. Our production partners, with more than 300 highly skilled craftspeople, are working with the best French luxury and premium brands. All our products are made in a socially and environmentally responsible way.