« How many kilometers do we have to drive through a monstrous forest of giant neon lights, deafening billboards, a jungle of metal, deserts of gray metal sheets, infernal signs, hundreds of advertising slogans, promises of happiness for dummies, unbearable lies designed to siphon off our skulls and turn us into units of consumption? But where are we? Who have we become? Open Your Eyes”

Open your eyes, Jack Lang, 2014, HC éditions

For Paris Photo 2023, the largest international art fair dedicated to photography, 10.03.53 demanded of us to consider the implications of the increasingly connected society we inhabit and what position art can play in our lives within the “monstrous forest” that is the digital era.

Founded in September of 2020 by Italian designer Luca Colosimo 10.03.53 is a less bag label and more “creative laboratory” that magnifies research and development, placing innovation and problem solving at the core of its values. A fusion of savoir-faire, traditional craft techniques and innovative material use, 10.03.53 is the contemporary accessory label.

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