The Leather Path

A signature of the brand, present on each of our models, is a technical leather element that is inspired by the act of shaking hands. Although this represents the strong connection between the bag and its owner, it is intended to be functional and not decorative.


The Organic Look

The bags are thought of as evolving organic forms. Their volumes are transformed according to the way they are worn. The curves, folds and breaks are amplified and give a lively appearance to the material. The minimal use of metal elements, reduced to what is strictly necessary, emphasises the organic nature of the bags.


The Contemporary Gender Fluidity

The products are designed to be gender neutral and to be used in an urban, dynamic and

changing context. The provocative connotation of the term unisex from the 80s and 90s, more a political manifesto than a real indicator of change, is replaced by the symbol of a

fluid, open and less stigmatising society characterised by an absence of predefined rules where the codes mix.