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Like a matryoshka doll, our cabas is a bag within a bag.

A first body is hiding four large and ultra utilitarian external pockets.
A second one is made of leather, which in turn holds a pouch.

The cabas is a contemporary reinterpretation of an old-fashioned basket, coming in two sizes. An XL generous version accompanies you for a weekend or a long work day and a regular one is made to contain your essentials.

Reissued seasonally, it is dressed in raffia for summer, wool and cashmere for winter and recycled french recycled nylon for rainy days.

Product details

- Calf leather body and handles
- 100% wool body 
- Cotton drawstring pouch
- Adjustable strap
- 4 external pockets
- Inside zippered compartment

52x26x18 cm (20.5x10.2x7 inches)

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